The Offshore Racing Congress has recently released their new Velocity Prediction Program or VPP and Rules Books for the year 2020. Both of them mention various improvements that have been determined by internal research as well as inputs that came from the users in the previous year. The VPP and the latest version of the software for the ORC Manager 2020 have already been distributed to all the 35 rating offices from where the certificates for ORC Club and ORC International are issued around the globe.

By the recent update, the offices will be allowed to begin issuing their new certificates for the year 2020 according to their suitable timelines and needs. The certificates must be issued some immediately. The very first regatta of 2020 to use the updated ratings is the Circuito Atlantico Sur by Rolex to be held in Uruguay and Argentina. This regatta will go on from January 12th to 18th this year. It will be followed by the Ft Lauderdale Key West Race that is going to start one week after the previous one in USA’s Florida. The Key West race will also be the first one of 2020 to use the recently released certificate for Double Handed ORC. This one has been developed especially for meeting the demands of an offshore racing trend growing each day.

Certificates for double-handed racing feature lower weights for the crew, a wide range of simple options for scoring and one-page simple layout. They are available for the managers of the race so that they can match the ratings in a better way with the type, of course, they are getting the certificates for. ORC even offers standard boat certificates particularly for one-design class, along with other 1000 types of boats. In 2020, the class list has been expanded to 45 classes of one-design boats that have become eligible for getting these certificates.