Stanford University has made a vow that they will change the athletic recruitment process following the case of the head sailing coach being charged with a huge federal case. In here, people made huge gifts to the programs of collegiate sports in return for admission to the college.

John Vandemoer, the esteemed sailing coach of Stanford used to lead the Navy in previous time along with the sailing team of St. Mary’s College of Maryland to national, as well as the regional championship. He had been sacked from Stanford in the early half of is a month as the government put charges on him.

He is known to have pleaded guilty to the accusation of racketeering conspiracy. This accusation was made when an investigation led to the discovery of him accepting $770,000 as financial gifts in return to recommending 2 students for the purpose of admission to Stanford. Vandemoer states that he didn’t simply keep the money all for himself. He says he used it for the sailing program of Stanford. However, Stanford has stated none of the two students have ended up completing the application to the University. Hence, no one was enrolled or admitted at the university with the sailing program’s improper recommendation.

These gifts of the athletic program were simply one part of the extensive admission scheme that William Rick Singer allegedly operated for getting children of rich and powerful people to the top universities. Singer was the owner of prep-business of for-profit college and was also the CEO of The Key Worldwide Foundation, a charity. The donation was Stanford sailing was known to be made under this charity. Singer had been charged with money laundering, racketeering conspiracy, and also obstruction of justice.

Stanford justified not catching the fraud by saying that it was a sophisticated and complex scheme which used legal means for achieving the fraud purpose.