Due to Urduja, Cebu Coast Guard will be the halt for an immense of the vessels for sailing. The weather is the most unpredictable thing that one cannot judge about. This affect in several ways, also when it is some sports event. Recently, because of Tropical Storm Urduja the stationary movement, various larger passenger vessels from Cebu jumped onto Luzon and Mindanao by skipping their specific voyages which are scheduled on Friday. This is completely an understandable situation as far as sports are concerned because one cannot predict about weather condition. At the 5 a.m. in the morning, the Philippine Coast Guard located in Cebu collected thirty-nine grounded passenger vessels and it is not vessels but 9 cargos as well.

Because of unexpected Urduja, Jerome Cayabyab, Cebu Commander cleared the cloud of doubts by saying about the higher chances of cancellation of more trips in order to make landfall on Eastern Samar next day morning.

One of the reports claimed that At 9 a.m., 2GO shipping grounded the vessels. Pope John Paul II specifically at Pier 5 also grounded the vessel for Metro Manila. In inclusion to these many other trips are also put on hold, such as Cebu-Iligan trip.

The end of trip cancellation is not stopped here. There are many more trips predicted to be cancelled due to inapt conditions. Thus safety is the best measure to be followed first when weather conditions are not favorable.

According to the report, another cancellation took place for four motor bancas that are intended to bind for Jetafe, a town located in Bohol. This cancellation is at 5 a.m., the recent data exposed, the right time of cancellation.

The list of cancellation is not ended here. It includes two roll-on-roll-off vessels commencing via Tabuelan port located in Tabuelan of the northwestern Cebu and hoped for Escalante town situated in Negros Oriental, prohibited by PCG from sailing.