Walpole Yacht Club (WYC) has been hosting learn to sail sessions in the month of December and January.

This is the first time that the club is holding this kind of program and it’s going to be the 12-hour Start Sailing 1 course was run. The program will provide beginners the basic skills of sailing and it include rigging, knot-tying, capsize recovery and safety.



To join the first weeklong program starting from mid-December, novices starting from the six years of age through to adulthood are coming from the places like Denmark, Kent River, Nornalup and Manjimup.

Looking at the euphoria of people the club is planning to offer more courses in the year 2018, the instructor of the club Claire Rooke said she love to and want to look forward some new faces around the club.

She “I was delighted to see the progress that the sailors made and I really look forward to sailing with them and enjoying this skill with them at the Walpole Yacht Club,”

For new sailors, the next level of includes the Start Sailing 2 and Better Sailing courses. The club has plans to offer this program in the near future.

One of the participants came from Denmark when asked about his experience with the club and its program, he said,”It is truly amazing. I can’t express the kind of feeling I have after learning the basic of sailing and touching the water for the first time. I want to take up all the programs offered by the club and want to be a professional sailor. Though, I don’t desire for taking part in competitions, but I want to see myself sailing freely with not fear in mind.”

Similar kind of feeling many other participants has when asked this question to them.