Super yachts will soon have a Corinthian class.

The America’s Cup has proved to be a breeding ground for several developments and categories for different kinds of sailing activities. Sailors often pick up different skills that they learn to use as well. Today there have been several shifts in the way super yachts are sailed. For instance, multihulls have been moved and crew sizes have reduced for such boats. That has also impacted the professional lives of people who compete in world sailing events like America’s Cup.

For instance, today, many older people are taking to sailing and keeping up to the physical challenges that the sports presents. The Volvo Ocean race is one instance. Today there is a surplus of talent when it comes to competitive sailing and there are skilled personnel who are looking to use their talent. For them the super yacht category, offers them the perfect opportunity.

The massive boats have always been built to bring in the comfort factor and have been considered to be vessels for luxury cruises. However, today they are constructed in ways that makes them capable of competition as well. Of course, there is a high level of caution that needs to be exercised in order to man oeuvre boats of such sizes. Even for those who are considered to be adept in competitive sailing, such boats can present considerable challenges. Members who are part of the Super Yacht Racing Association have now found Corinthian class which is a new initiative. Indeed, those who belong to the racing circuit of super yachts, feel that the appeal of regattas of boats of this category has to be broadened. The Spirit class of Corinthians has been introduced in order to emphasize on the closeness of the races in this category which will add to the fun aspect as well as reduce the expenses that are usually a hindrance in such a class.