John Levinson, skippering the Jambi, should be on cloud nine as he crossed the finish line first to take the line honors in the 40th anniversary Marion Bermuda Race. Jambi is a new Hinckley Bermuda 50.

The successful attempt made by the crew members of the Jambi won them the “Beer and Champagne and a Line Honors” banner. It was awarded to them by the executive director of the race Alan McLane and the compliance chairman Willy Forbes.

Jambi completed the race with an elapsed time of four days, 23 hours, 36 minutes and 11 seconds. She started the journey on June 9th at 1:55pm. Levinson said that he was part of the trip six to seven times before and he knew what to expect. He was also happy to be in a side that had good Bermuda race experience. All this helped the team take the line honors. This was the first time that the new Bermuda 50 left the US.

Levinson said that the wind was not there for most parts of the race. He enjoyed the beginning and the end of the race. His boat was assisted by the wind then. There was no rough weather during the course of the race and the sailing conditions were totally calm, then some nice wind, then again calmness and light winds and so on.

Levinson enjoyed the experience of sailing and moving the boat at nights. The boats would meet up during the days and then slug it hard in the waters during the night. This gave the crew members to meet with other sailors and also see a lot of boats.

The second boat to cross the line was Lady Georgina which touched the line at 2.09pm with an elapsed time of five days, 14 minutes and 48 seconds.