The sailing team of US is on an operation to be an Olympic Powerhouse.

However, to develop skilled sailors is indeed a time consuming mission. The program indeed took a strong step forward in 2016 games. The progress mainly lies in motivating and nurturing youth sailors and ensuring sustainment of the existing team members in terms of their commitment. As the new Olympic cycle of the Tokyo 2020 Games start, it is important to figure out how the team is preparing to take part in the race.

The strongest team is the Men’s 470 and Dave Hughes and Stu McNay are class veterans. They were the new team for 2016 and succeeded in achieving medals by finishing 4th. The team is all geared up to take part again and it would be the 4th game for Stu and 2nd for Dave. Finn has been yet another team that is known for being the strongest. It is one person heavy weight game and Caleb Paine was the champion of the Rio Games.

He made the most of his game by winning a bronze medal. The hero is on a break before he takes part in Tokyo and will have to play strongly with yet another champion Luke Muller. Muller achieved 4th position in World Cup Series Miami 2017.

Laser Radial is another team of Women’s one person dinghy and Paige Railey achieved at all levels of competition, be it youth or adult. However, she is yet to achieve a medal. She made her second attempt in Rio and after a break she would continue to focus on Tokyo. Railey will be challenged by a champion Erika Reineke, who is singlehanded and gold medalist Anna Tunnicliffe. Laser team of men has Charlie Buckingham, who faced his first Olympics in Rio. He is all set for 2020 and hopefully to make it to victory this time. With so many great prospects from US, it will be quite an interesting sailing competition.